Nested conditional statements?


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Hi - yet another question...

Is it possible to use nested conditional statements in a message? I've not been able to figure it out if so.

My goal is to substitute major portions of the message text based on the presence or absence of certain info in the optional fields. The main distinction is whether a recipient has or has not met a primary condition, and I can easily separate them and create the different text using a simple conditional statement.

<IF [[Opt1]] <> "" <OR> [[Opt2]] <> "">text A<ELSE>text B</IF>

My more specific goal is to apply further conditional statements within these two optional messages texts, based on whether certain other criteria are met. It appears that closing a nested statement within text A or text B closes the initial statement.

Any way around this?

I saw that the online manual mentioned that no parentheses could be used. Is that the answer to my question - that it isn't possible to do this?




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Right now it is not possible. You can't use nested conditional statements. You can however use several but you have to close them each time. I will look at this for a future version.