Need help importing account statement for credit card

Fran Sciacca

New Member
I've correctly created a Liability account for my credit card. I've downloaded account activity, properly formatted it for Import, but cannot locate the credit card in the dropdown menu labeled "Bank Accounts." There's not a "Show All Accounts" option either. I'm assuming that the transactions for a credit card can be imported, but I can't find the workflow for it.

Also, FYI, when importing account activity using the Importer window, the debits/withdrawals all have to have a minus symbol infront of them or they will not format properly and will show a "null amount" error. To add the minus symbol in Excel, you have to select all the cells with debits/withdrawals in them, right-click on Format Cells, choose "Custom" and use: -#,###0.00 as the format choice. It will put a minus symbol in front of each entry. Import formatting will go fine from there.


Staff member
If you want to see your credit card in the dropdown menu labeled "Banks", you must set your credit card type to "Banks". You can even create a category called 'Credit cards' inside 'Banks'. I know of people (including myself) using credit cards that way. It has a lot of advantages, especially for visibility. It makes sense for an AMEX card for example.

About your import issue, iCash mainly uses your operating system settings for numbers. Maybe the formatting on your file doesn't match the system format.