Multiple Currency Questions


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first of all I like the program and after years of Quicken and Quickbooks it's quite enjoyable.

The main feature I need is the multiple currency support and this doesn't seem to work as I would expect. The manual/help isn't very detailed on that matter either.

I have to deal with 3 currencies daily and 2 more on a monthly base.

Question one, how do I set my base currency? I concluded that the currency I set with exchange rate 1 will be my base currency (in my case EUR).

I expected that, if I set up the other currencies and enter the exchange rates (manually :evil: ), any transactions between accounts in different currencies would automatically pull up the respective exchange rate. This doesn't happen and I have to type them in manually for each transaction or copy/pase them from an excel sheet.

Second, when I am entering transactions between accounts in the same currency, the exchange rate from that currency to the base currency doesn't come up automatically either. E.g. I entered an expense today and a small lunch bill in local currency ended up to be taken 400 Euro :shock:
In the transaction view, I see in this case above the rate field the currency code|(Def). I would expect to see e.g. USD|EUR if I 'm working in a USD account.

How do I get iCash to use the rates I entered into the currency sheet?

Another question, why can't iCash download the exchange rates from the internet? Is this functionality planed and when?

Thanks for any input.