MLM still not working


Hi Stan,

i already wrote this as direct message about one week ago, but i didn´t receive any answer, so i try it here again.

I only have one big goal for 2021 - get mbm working (trying this since serveral years).
I know it´s a big goal but maybe you can help me.

Here are some points, maybe we can check together where the problem is?

I am currently
- MBM Version 8.6.9 german version
- MLM version: 3.1.7
-MLM is on the same server as i send my emails from. It is not the same server as the website i want to track the clicks to.

Sendiing Bulk Email works good.
If i want to see the statistics in the App, the App always breaks down (but i can see the „subjects“ of each mailing
I can see the statistics online on my website, but only how much send, opened and clicked, but not who clicked.
This would be very important.

(I can see most mailings until 1 week ago), but i can not see the mailing that i wrote 6 days ago (but i can see the „subject“ of the mailing i wrote 6 days ago in the app in the statistics“, but if i want to check it it breaks down as already written

If i want to update the MBM App from „in the app", i don´t get connection to your server (error #102)
I downooaded 8.7.1. from your website, but it serems like there are license problems.
I bought mbm pro in 2012 already as a version without annual license, but „forever license".

I think i bought an annual license maybe 2 or 3 years ago because i thought i need this for MLM, but i never got this working. Maybe there is a problem with mixed licenses now???
I downloaded thre latest version of mbm from your website today. If i start it, i get a message-window „your activation plan has expried“, but it looks like i can start with this version by closing this window.

Please help me to reach my big goal for 2021 and get MLM working


Staff member
Yes indeed, you better use the current version 8.7.3. You can download it here. That version includes MLM 3.2.3
In order to tell you more about your license, I would need your email address. I have sent a request by email.


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MLM is the script that is installed on your website, so yes, you have to update it there. There is nothing to update locally.