MLM starting problem


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I just did a manual install of MLM following instructions on
1.- Open the lm/lm_settings.php file with a text editor.
2.- Edit the script settings and save (each setting is explained in the file). [1]
3.- Upload the ‘lm’ folder to your FTP server (in your public folder). [2]
4.- Use your FTP software to CHMOD the ‘lm’ folder to 777 (or 775 or 755). [3]
5.- Enter the ‘lm.php’ full URL and your user ID and password to MaxBulk preferences.

so the permission I set is 777 on the folder at the server.
and url is http://www....../Im/Im.php

and checked click through tracking in the preferences.

Now, how do I track clicks?




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Have you activated click-Though tracking form the preferences? If no, nothing else to do. Just send you messages and check click-through using the Statistics window.


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Thanks for your reply, yes, I activated click through in the bulkmailer preferences. I opted to use plain text to make things simpler.

but when I open the statistics window to check, I'm getting url is not valid


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If you open that URL with a web browser you get an error:

"Oppss… it seems you are requesting a file or folder that has moved. Please view below for some other possible reasons:

Incorrectly formed link
Connection refused
Rewrite engine issue
If you continue to experience this problem, please contact the website administrator. Alternatively, review the code and find where the problem is or just the correct file here."