MLM & server reputation


Will hosting MLM on a bad reputation server negatively affect my bulk emails being received?

I use a relay service server (Unified Email) for sending out our newsletter and that works really well. BUT I use a Dreamhost server to host MLM.

That Dreamhost server is on many Blacklists. Since it is a shared server, I can’t do much to clean it up.

Do you think I should move MLM to a server with a clean IP address? Or is it no big deal and all about the sending server?

If it test my newsletter here:
I score really high :)


Staff member
Well, that would be better yes. A spam filter software may scan and flag your message if it found links to a blacklisted domain. That is quite unusual but not imposible. To say the true, spam filters have gone crazy and are given lots of false positives. The cleaner is your message the best!