Missing decimals..


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Hi Stan,

We have an iChash-file were we can't manage to get decimals displayed correctly.
Most accounts are in €'s, but we have one account in Swedish crowns (SEK), and it refuses to display any them. What's even worse is that iCash seems to truncate the decimals !!!! This is really a pain as it becomes impossible to have accurate records for our accounts.

We have tried to change the decimals from 2 -> 3, and back again, but no success.

We have other files where we have a mix of currencies and they give us no headache what so ever, so it's really a mystery. We have checked the constancy of the database, it shows no errors.

Any suggestions? Shall I send you a copy of the file?


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Decimals for default accounts are set in the preference panel.
Decimals for non-default accounts are set in the Currency panel. I guess it is where you have to go.