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Merge without saving each time


New Member
I'm trying to extract email addresses from emails stored in Folders inside my Mail app. I'm using Tiger.
I selected "merge results when several files selected" because I want all the addresses to be in 1 single file.
When I try to save the merged file to start the extraction, Email extractor asks me to save each email file.
Is there a way that I can just click "save" once and all the emails will be extracted and merged in 1 single file instead of having to do it hundreds of times?


Staff member
Really strange. If you have set in the preferences to gather all results to a single file you should be asked once. Have you tried to delete the preference file?


New Member
multiple saves

I quit email extractor, deleted the preferences, click on merge in the new preferences and it still asks to save every time...


New Member
What I do is:
1) I launch email extractor
2) A email extractor window opens
3) I drag a folder with files and drop it on the window
4) A finder save window opens
5) I click save and a few seconds later it asked me to save again. IT does this until I have to force email extractor to quit


New Member
All I can say to this is it works for me and is the reason I just registered v.3.

Now I just have to figure out how to get this to jive with my spreadsheet to give up the names associated with the email addresses.


New Member

The old rename the Good file to KEEP and drop it on the list in MaxBulk trick.

Veeeeeeeery clever.

It worked. Thanks.