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Medical Spending Accounts


New Member
Do you have any plans to expand into this area? I have been looking for someone to create this product with, because I believe that having it integrated within the larger personal finance management is the way to go. Sorry for the venue here, but wasn't sure how else to reach out to you.


New Member
My initial response to your question is "yes" this would extend the capabilities of Icash. We would obviously have to figure out how to make sense out of that so we have a win-win scenario, but I would think this could be worked out. Like anyone who thinks they have a good idea, I really wanted to build this from scratch by hiring a bunch of programmers, but I also think that time to market is crucial here, and from any kind of objective viewpoint, the piece that you already have built should be the dog and the medical spend should be the tail.

The one thing that I think is really crucial, and I want to let you know about it straight away, is that I feel we would need to be in a position to private label this app to others, possibly with some tagline that said "powered by Icash" or something like that, and it would therefore obviously need to be available via the web, not as a retail package.

Sorry for the long-winded note!