MBM update expiration???


Hi Stan,

I've been getting emails stating that my MBM is expiring and I won't be able to update after a certain date. I thought that once I bought the program, I'd be eligible for updates forever, or at least until some major version change.

I have not seen this in all the years I've been using MBM.



I just got similar email.

I have been using MBM for years and I have never registered for or subscribed to an 'update plan.'

A little bit frustrating.


Staff member
It is all explained here: Are the software updates and support free of charge?.

As explained in that page, purchasing an update plan is completely optional, but let me explain our point of view about that matter.

In the past there wasn't such update plans here at Maxprog, we were releasing a major upgrade every year, 2 years or 3 years. That upgrade was about half the price of a new license. Unfortunately this system makes things very difficult for us and prevents you to get great stuff anytime, I mean, we have to keep great improvements for major upgrades and only offer minor updates, just because we have to justify asking for a fee. We have finally ended completely 'frozen'.

We have decided to adopt the Update Plan/Subscription industry standard, we now work on new versions completely free, release whatever feature whenever we like, major or minor alike, we focus on enhancing the application.

This new aproach is actually a win-win situation. You purchase an update plan only if you want and whenever you like. Then you get 1, 2 or 3 years update and support.

I understand your concern but this decision will allow us to spend much more time developing new features, give support and also find out who is trusting us.