MaxBulk Mailer v8.4.8 release


Staff member
New MaxBulk Mailer v8.4.8 released today. What's new:

[Upg] Enhanced charset/encoding matching checking including when previewing.
[Upg] Enhanced charset/encoding matching checking for 'Web Page' format.
[Fix] HELO/EHLO command sent twice when using a SSL connexion.
[Fix] User-Agent header added to all http get requests.
[Fix] 'alt' tag added to all 'img src' tags, tracking, attachments,…
[Fix] It is now possible to sort recipients Opt1 to Opt20 fields by date whatever the delimiter is.
[Fix] The sorting of recipients by Opt1 to Opt20 now works for all data types.
[MLM] Script redirect URL is now http or https as expected.
[MLM] Security fix.
[MLM] Several errors causing warnings in lm_functions.php and lm_admin.php.
[MLM] Safer 'Sendmessage' function.
[MLM] More accurate email checking function.
[MLM] Some enhancements to the web interface.

[New] = New Feature
[Opt] = Optimization
[Fix] = Bug Fix
[Chg] = Changes Previous Functionality
[Upg]= Enhancement