MaxBulk Mailer 8.8.4 release


Maxprog News

What's new:
New - OpenAI / chatGTP support for composing, rewriting, correcting and translating messages.
New - Possibility to insert an image by URL thru a tag: {Insert Image: url, alignment, link, max-width, width, height}
Upg - Recipient list date fields can now be sorted properly even when using formats like 'November 9, 2022'.
Upg - The toolbar icons have been colored to better distinguish them.
Upg - The RSS tag for picture now work with more html tag variations.
Upg - New [Message Subject] tag in order to insert the current message subject.
Upg - It is now possible to set the HTML editor text size.
Upg - The recipient panel now also display the recipient selection count.
Chg - MLM now works both on PHP 7.x.x and PHP 8.x.x
Chg - The RSS tag for picture now center the image and set a maximum width.
Chg - The HTML editor default text size has been increased from 12 to 14.
Chg - The Styled Text editor default text size has been increased from 12 to 18.
Fix - Issues when trying to upload a list to MLM.
Fix - MySQL import issues in given situations.
Fix - When using a remote list and checking/unchecking a recipient, the 'save' button no longer get enabled. Nothing to save here.
Fix - The 'Edit ▸ Paste' menu now works again for pasting recipients between lists. The 'Edit ▸ Paste Special' menu is recommended though.
Fix - It is no longer possible to paste multiple lines of text to the Subject field. Only the first line is kept.
Fix - The Import Remote preset not saving the field list with ordering and checking.
Fix - Crash when dropping an HTML file to the HTML editor.
Fix - The undo function has been enhanced in order to support the Styled Text to Plain Text command.

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