MaxBulk Mailer 4.3.2


Staff member
MaxBulk Mailer has been updated to 4.3.2
This is a free minor release for registered users.

What's new:

- HTML and styled messages with custom inline pictures support.
- When sending messages with inline images, only used images are embedded.
- Mac OS X Address Book: Multiple e-mails on a same card are now imported.
- Fix: EUC-JP encoding for Web Page sending support.
- Fix: Delete button not enabled when per status selection.
- Fix: Mac OS X Address Book: Wrong import error on given entries when importing.
- Fix: New doc no longer created when deactivated and pressing MBM icon on the Dock.
- Fix: Document creation date no longer set to modification date in given situations.
- Fix: Preset issue when importing from a file with more fields that the one defined.