Mail Host suggestions?


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Who hosts you mail? Do you like your mail host? Are they reliable? Do they impose too many restrictions like X messages/hr or have strict outgoing spam filters? Is you mail host good for a single user with lots of mail? Are they useful for small businesses with lots of accounts? How is the control panel? How is their support? How does it work with MBM and your bulk mailing needs?

I know this is a bit off-topic from regular MBM supports questions. But...MBM can't work without a good mail host, so I thought a collection of suggestions about mail hosts would be appropriate.

Post your comments about your mail host and keep the thread alive.



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Verio has many bad points

Verio (Hosting 1000) as a mail host:

1. not very reliable
2. often blacklisted by AOL
3. random outages that they don't report on their website
-> is down as I write this
4. support is good... they do pick up the phone
5. emails downloaded twice, randomly, for no reason
6. servers mark outgoing mail as spam very easily*
7. very slow control panel
8. control panel has minimal set of features
9. slow webmail
10. price of $20 is too much for what you get

11. high limit on messages sent per hour (if there is a limit)
12. port 25 and 587 are now usable for SMTP

*I was told by support that the more expensive plans allow more control over outgoing mail filters. he wasn't sure if it meant Hosting 2000, 3000, or 4000, anything but Hosting 1000.