list of imported qif-data for control purpose


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recently downloaded the iCash demo to see, if the german version is a good alternative to the larger applications on the german market.

Interest at present is focused to the import capabilities with the .qif format.

But my .QIF is not directly from Quicken, but from a small application that can save german .DTA data into .QIF format.

A import attempt seems ok on the first glance (judging from the change in the balance data), but I see no option in ICash to control the amount of imported data !?

Would be helpful to have a list of imported data, to check if all transactions are imported or not.


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yes, that's exactly what I mean.

And there is another point:

icash offers the "project" category what is an interesting approach. But it seems impossible to split transactions according to projects.

For example: salary. Regarding the bank account monthly salary is one item (or amount), but if I have several projects, than it would be of interest to split that salary.

But this probably is an new thread.