Just don't know how or really a new Idea ;-)


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Very new user of iCash, I find it really great.

Once should in my Eyes be improved.

When I make a OFX Importation, the system doesnt give the possibility to "check and improve" the data to import, as I knew it in other systems.

My bank, as example, gaves me in each OCX all my credit cards data again, so if I do not first work in note pad or in Excel to take them out, those datas come again in iCash, where it is a long work to take them out.

I knew a system who came on a dialog after the importation, where 1. all the datas where shown and could be deleted or modified, 2. from this dialogue, it was possible to aske the system to "compare" the datas with the existing, so that we could "easylier" identify those who did already exist in the system.

Has iCas someting like that ? Or could it me an improvement ?

Regards from France


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Yes, that could be an improvement. Actually when we developed the OFX import feature we thought about going through a preview first but unfortunately it wasn't done that way. By the way, what software were you using?


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Thks for your answer.
I need iCash in combination with the OCX files I become from my Bank per Internetbanking.