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Hi Stan. I know that in more posts you write that you are working on a new version, but the last update dates back to January 2020. Not that we do not want to believe it, but the reality, unfortunately, says something else. I think you place a lot more importance on emails and your email program than we do at Icash.

Meanwhile, while everyone is standing still, people look and look around. And then I discovered many software programs that have a number of important and well-developed features that go beyond just a transaction log. Banktvity, Ynab, Toshl, Money pro ... all of these work with the envelope budget.

The budget is essential to learn how to save. Knowing how much money you have and how much you intend to spend is incredibly useful. With icash nothing bodes well, budgets are useless and your explanation is useless. They are incredibly bulky and are not useful for saving money

scheduled transactions are useful but do not appear in the graphs. I don't care how much I've spent to date, but I also want him to know how much I've planned to spend.

The preview with the organizer is well done, but why can't I see credit cards in the account list too? It would be important to know how much I have to spend this month on Visa, for example

The graphics are few, essential, old.

I love icash and I don't want to abandon it, for its simplicity of use and privacy, because it is European and because I see the commitment you put into it. But we're a little behind the times… and that's not enough

Nice work, I trust you!
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Well, right now I am working on the Universal Mac version and waiting for the new SQL engine version. Next release will 'only' be this, Universal and with an updated SQL engine. I say 'only' because this is the type of work that is terrible for me the developer but invisible to the user. I will also provide some fixes. Don't expect new visible changes/features. Believe me, this is already a huge amount of work and lot of expenses.

Same happens in 2018 and I even write a blog post: Month of work but no visible changes because I had to rewrite large parts of the application to support Retina (Windows HiDPI) and to create the 64bit version for both macOS and MS Windows.

And yes, of course MaxBulk Mailer is much more important, it represents more than 80% of the company sales. I am specialized in internet protocols and emailing. I develop and maintain iCash because it is the company accounting tool. I am actually selling the tool I use to run the company.

Note that I never developed iCash as a budgeting software but for personal finance. I made it to run a company, to check the company incomes and expenses. Things like that. I make it multi-currency, I would like to add stocks and cryptocurrencies support...

About your credit cards problems, there is a trick, create them as bank accounts, then you will see them as such. It is really handy for credit cards but not for debit cards. I have been using this approach myself with the company AMEX card.

Note the charts are new, I spend a full year rewriting them all. I am really sorry you don't like them either.

Note that this is a single-person company. I do my best. With current global crisis I can't outsource stuff as before. Now everything is done by me.