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hi there,

i am currently trying to import a large number of recipients (about 20.000).

While trying to achieve this, I am running into several weird issues.

1. i can access a local mysql database (no error returned, connection seems to be fine), but not even a simple query works. no recipients are added to the list. when i run the query in phpmyadmin, everthing works fine and results are returned.

2. when i export this list to a ";" delimited text file and import the sucker, the program freezes. It does the same, when I try to import the list from excel using the clipboard.

Interestingly enough, I can import the data in smaller chunks of 1000-2000 recipients step by step.

I would be so grateful, if you could help me to resolve this issue as I am very delighted about this piece of software... and I would like to buy it, if I can get it to work.

I am using the current windows version (US).

Thanks in advance for your help!


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@1 the DB server runs as localhost (part of a xampp package)...

@2 I managed to make it work.. it was just a matter of waitíng for the whole thing to complete...

I don't know whether it is because of the compiler used.. but the windows version is very ressource hungry... and extremely slow when handling lists larger than 18k recipients.. i am using a intel centrino 1.7ghz notebook.. are there any issues known for this hardware setup?


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sorry I cant give it away because of security reasons. but you should be able to reproduce it by using a dummy list with the size of 20.000 personalized recipients...


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Importing large recipient lists

I've got similar problems, when the lists are really big. I've got to send out several monthly newsletters for a customer with up to 36,000 recipients. Each list entry contains email, last name, first name, title (Mr./Mrs/etc.), unsubscribe link and one more tag. By the way I'm not importing straight from a database but from a csv-text-file.

mercutio said:
sorry I cant give it away because of security reasons.
Same with me but rather privacy reasons. I'd probably loose a pretty well paying customer if they ever got to know...

Altogether MaxBulk gets really slow after importing such long lists, e.g. I got the list activated in "Recipients" and switch to the preview, it takes quite long (some 20 seconds) to show the preview. Having a look at the HTML-preview in a browser and switching back to MaxBulk takes the same time again. Switching to settings, too, etc. Looks like all the adresses and tags are stored in RAM and not imported or activated only when neccesary, if you know what I mean. Maybe it would be better if you had maybe a thousand list entries active and once there are only 250 left to send, activate the next 1000 and so on. Kind of splitting up in small lists automatically inside MaxBulk. But I'm not a software engineer, so no idea, if that could solve the problem.

Another problem I have, is that MaxBulk crashes more often, the bigger the lists are getting. Wrote a message to the support already, including a crash log. This is even more anoying, having in mind the slow handling of large lists...

P.S. Sorry forgot the technical information: Mac OSX 10.3.9, PowerBook 800MHz (time to get something faster, I know), MaxBulk Mailer Pro 4.4 (German), updated today to 4.4.1, but no "performance changes" so far.


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4.4.1 goes at full speed. I mean it is not possible to go faster. Anyway, MaxBulk is not industrial software. We created MaxBulk to handle small to medium lists, that is up to 15,000. Anything above that number can be considered a lot for MaxBulk so split your list into 2 or 3 lists. It is the best you can do.


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Thanks for the quick response. Sorry to read about the "limit" of some 15.000 addresses, but now I know at least how to get around until MaxBulk 4.5 can handle large lists. :wink:

Keep the good work up and great support! :D
Thanks again.