<img src="xyzzy.jpeg"> dynamic resizing help


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Hello everyone... the function img src is really helpful to save time and send a light message ..I love it.
Before using I made several test sending to different receivers and tools : myphone, my laptop, my iMac.. and I check the message from the email client and also from the web.
I noted that phone and web resizing automatically the dimension of image in right way...but email client don't do it ( not all) ... that is soo bad because to read the text into the email I have to scroll..that is annoying ( and I concern that anyone after 1 second would love continue to read).

So there are a short code to add at the omg source to say : " resize this image rightly with dimension of the screen" ?

At now to avoid this problem I create a image with medium res and dimension 15x10 cm..so also into a Email client of a laptop 13'' all los rightly formatted.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you


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Which email client is not working? It is true that email clients are not web browsers and sometimes their HTML rendering is a bit limited.


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Hello Stan..it's IMAIL / Apple... as told.. I solve the problem creating a image that anyway fit into the software windows./ considering the most little 13'' laptop--- but if it exist a adding html code to have automatically resizing... would be great.. I know that is not a issue of Maxbulk... but I'm not deeply inside HTML scripts...so any suggestion would be helpful. Thank You.