iCash Scheduler acts funny (v7.5.7)


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I have observed a very strange behaviour in the Scheduler which happens when I edit a Scheduled transaction. This is what happens:
1/ I set up a scheduled transaction to start from 25 May to end after 10 transactions. This is set up today (13 May).
2/ I can see that the scheduled transaction starts on 25 May BUT... it ends in March 2017 after 11 transactions and not 10 as I wanted.
3/ I then edit the scheduled transactions to start from 26 May. The first transaction then appears from the 26 June but the end is the same i.e. 26 March 2017, which is after 10 transactions.

Why is this happening. It should be possible to set up a regular scheduled transaction from any dayin the future and editing it to another day also in the future should be possible.

I have created a taken a screen recording in QuickTime which shows the steps taken and the problem that arises. Unfortunately the upload is timing out, so I will try and post it somewhere else.



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stanbusk said:
Ok, I have died the problem. Several small problems actually.
Thanks for looking into this. I am not sure what you mean by 'died the problem'. I am assuming you have found the problem and resolved it. Will you be releasing an update with this issue resolved?

I found another bug with the edit of the comment field. So if I have a transaction and then try and edit the comment field, the changes are not saved. I will upload a separate screencast showing that problem.


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I mean I fixed the problem and will be included in next release. Yes, if you find any problem please report.