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Hi guys, I want to tell you that iCash is a very useful program for me and my business, I have been using it since 4 years ago, but there is a little thing that many customers and I urgently need: an iPad/iPhone APP !!! I am about to pay for the upgrade to version 7 but I am seriously thinking in to migrate to another program POCKET MONEY for MAC OS as this one has an iPad/iPhone app which syncs wirelessly.

Please, check it out at www.catamount.com

I have been waiting for you guys to have the iPad/iPhone app since you post in the forums that you were working on it in May, but ... We have nothing !!!

Please, give us a Date in order to decide to wait for you or not.

Thanks in advance.


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Buenas tardes, no he podido resistirme a comentar que soy también usuario de iCash desde hace 3 Años largos y es una aplicación fantastica, si ahora la sacais para iphone o ipad seria la fantastico, poder meter apuntes con el iphone y mandar sincronizar con el ordenador y viceversa.

Gracias por tomar esta medida muchos la esperamos.

Feliza años nuevo.


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Hi admin, why you don't put on the website a survey about the needed version for IPAD/IPHONE of icash!

I' m using icash on mac from many years, but it's time for us to migrate!! why that takes sooooo long?

on the market we can find a lot of moneymanager programs on mac/win and ipad/iphone ... but we don't want to switch.

for the other guys waiting for icash on iOS I want to share with them my small temporary and provisional solution, USING on iphone ACCOUNTR.

thanks Alberto


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It is possible I create a iCash version for the iPhone in the future. I have no date though.


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I am also in need of a iPhone/iPad app and considers this to be a crucial argument for upgrade or not. As for now I will wait until I need to upgrade since I too do not want to switch program since I am a satisfied customer since four years. However, the lack of a syncable iPhone app will quite soon force me to migrate to a system with these capabilities. In the mean time, will not upgrade to the current version.



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I have posted the same question 5 months ago, and we al still have no answer to it !!!


We really need it !!!

Please, I would be glad to pay for it, your software is sooo good!!!


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Any update about this improvement?

Time is elapsing and I need a feedback.

I would like to know only if somewhen you will issue a version for iPhone/ipad.

I can wait, but only if sooner or later we will have it.

Please, let me know.


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Hi stanbusk

I can't give a date yet. It is much more complex that you imagine.

most of your customers ask you for a mobile version.
I think they (included me) don't need a fully funcionally version of icash on mobile devices .. but WE probably LIKE THE STYLE AND USABILITY OF ICASH ON MAC, and we would like to have the same things on iPhone/ipad...

personally I understand all about the complexity. but forget it about a fully mobile version of icash ... just give to your customers a basis version of icash, with the capability of registering expenses and trisection on the fly through mobile devices and a good way to sync them with the fully version on mac/pc ...



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gemat said:
Hi guys, I want to tell you that iCash is a very useful program for me and my business, but I am seriously thinking in to migrate to another program POCKET MONEY

I am still in Demo mode with iCash and if I finally choose it to be my finance software I would love to see some companion for the iPhone and iPad


comparing iCash with PocketMoney is comparing Apples and Oranges.

PocketMoney might be useful for somebody who needs a program for collecting personal bills but has nothing to offer if you are looking for a more serious finance software.

I have no idea what kind of business you are into, but one of the most advantages and almost a standalone dealbreaker for iCash is the ability to handle taxes like VAT or GST correctly. Running a business certainly include taxes.

I have tried about 15 finance programs during the last 6 months and so far it seems that iCash offers everything someone might need to run business numbers through it AND still keeps the things easy to handle.



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Buenos dias:

Quisiera saber cómo va lo de icash para iOS? ya han pasado varios años de espera...
Estoy muy contento con la versión de iCash para escritorio pero la verdad es que sería magnífico poder integrar iCash con mi iPad o IPhone... Sería perfecto!!!

Por favor trabajen con eso... Gracias