iCash Crash creating an account


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I don't where I can send this, so I'm sorry it it isn't the corrent place. And I'm sorry if the names I use isn't correct too, because I'm using the Spanish version and I'm translating these names thinking they would be an exactly translation. And... I'm sorry about my really pour English :(

Well, the problem is creating an account. In the dialog box, you have to enter the type and category of the account, right? Well, now click in "Edit..." in the category menu. You hace a new dialog box behind the "new account" dialog, and you still can edit this "new account" dialog. Write something in "Comments", and the click in the accept (or cancel) button in the "new account" dialog. Close the Categories dialog box and then, well, the aplication crash.


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This is a known problem we have fixed in next v3.3. It comes from a change in the interface when porting to UB. Next v3.3 will be released next tuesday.