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I have just updated to the latest version and an issue that has been there since the Browser was added still exists.

I can increase the width of the main application window but I can only minimise it to a set width. If I try to make it smaller than this set width it does not work.

Ideally I would want to shrink it by the width of the browser when the browser is closed.

This could work so that the main part of the window with all the account data would stay the same size and the browser when opened and closed would be added onto the left side. This would mean that the width of the main window could be smaller than the current minimum it allows.

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks for any help.


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Hi, I have made a short video which hopefully shows the issue. I.e. I can't make the iCash window shorter in width than a certain value.

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Hi, I have also done a screenshot to try and show what I mean. So I close the browser window I want the part with the x to disappear and the part on the right to stay at the same size (Or at least allow me to shrink the width down to this size)


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Ok, so you click on the 'Browser' button to remove the left-right browser and you want the window even smaller? Is this because your screen is very small? Indeed the width is locked to a given minimum size to make things work, to display the menu bar on the top, etc, all that is on purpose actually.


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The issue I have is that i like to work side by side with my banking website and the 2 overlap. Before the version with the browser on the left they would sit next to each other ok because the older version of iCash had a smaller overall width. Without the browser sidebar open there is a lot of free space in the bar at the top and as the main widow works ok with the smaller size (As can be seen in the screen shot with the browser open). It would just have been nice to allow the smaller width when the sidebar was not open.


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