iCash 7.5.3 release


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iCash has been updated from 7.5.2 to 7.5.3
This new version is available here.

New features, enhancements and changes:

- Preference Window: pressing the ALT, CMD or CTRL key when clicking on the Factory Default button will fully reset the document settings.

- Amounts entered in the budget Expense and Liability parts are automatically converted into negative numbers, ‘+’ will force positive.

- You can now sort transactions by tracking numbers pressing the command, option or Control key when clicking on the column header.

- ‘Interval’ column renamed ‘Period’ in the Budget panel.

- In queries, when expanding a group/split, transactions not belonging to the search are now displayed grayed.

- In queries, transactions not belonging to the search are no longer added to the totals.

- Groups/Splits are now displayed in bold everywhere.

Bug fixes

- Software freezing when calculating a budget in given occasions.

- When duplicating a transaction more than once, new data not taken into account.

- Several alert and error windows did not have all buttons correctly localized.

- Pressing the ALT, CMD or CTRL key when opening a document will reset the document settings.

- Expense budget to balance difference now use colors less confusing.

- Statistics ‘All types > All categories > By Category’ returning empty results.

- Budget calculation sometimes wrong when comparing with a quarter period.

- Query export sometimes missing transactions when grouped.

In addition we have added a new blog entry about
How to take advantage of Budgets in iCash