iCash 5.0


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iCash v5 has been released today! The full list of new features introduced by this new version is available here in 9 languages: iCash v5 What's new.

It can be downloaded here: Mac OS X | Windows

If you are already a registered user of a previous version of iCash you are eligible for an upgrade so you don't have to purchase the whole software again. There are several upgrades available. Be careful to order the right one. They depend on the version you currently own, v2, v3 or v4 and whether you purchased the software alone or as part of the Personal Finance Toolkit bundle. You can purchase the upgrade here: iCash v5 upgrades.

You can recover your current activation code or serial number from the Maxprog serial recovery page.

We offer a 90-days grace period so if you purchased iCash v4 after September 15th 2008 you are eligible for a free upgrade. Ask for your new serial number using our support help desk.

As usual this upgrade will include one year of free monthly updates.