iCash 3.2


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iCash has been updated to 3.2
This is a free release for registered users.

What's new:

[Upg] Chart and Account manager windows remind position on screen.
[Upg] Category manager is now a detached window that remembers size and position.
[Upg] New XML auto-backup with error checking on startup.
[Upg] Auto-reindex of file on start.
[Upg] SQL import/export.
[Upg] Transaction Auto-Complete: Comment reverse lookup if none found.
[Upg] Return and Enter keys to add transaction on all fields.
[Chg] Possibility to edit reconciled transactions.
[Chg] Query total calculated to match Balance panel.
[Chg] Transaction panel no longer accept negative values.
[Chg] Reports are now exported using default system encoding.
[Chg] Transactions are now displayed as negative when from a debt account.
[Chg] Balance selection always kept including when switching panels.
[Chg] Limitation of 25 year entries on pull-down menus.
[Fix] Data checking tool no longer fail to correct errors.
[Fix] Transaction export to HTML wrong amount column and encoding.
[Fix] Scheduled transaction sort problem.
[Fix] Items editor: Deletion and edition again available.
[Fix] Duplicating or transferring a transaction between year refresh issue.
[Fix] Currencies, favorites and scheduled transactions get scrambled after conversion.
[Fix] Query panel: invoice number and tracking number are again searchable.
[Fix] Windows: Modification of keyboard shortcuts to avoid conflicts.
[Fix] Years containing only deleted transactions no longer appear in pull-down menus.