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iCash 3.1


Staff member
iCash has been updated to 3.1
This is a free minor release for registered users.

What's new:

[Upg] iCash documents now use standard Unicode UTF-8 encoding for all strings.
[Upg] File manager: Accepts drops of iCash files that are not listed.
[Upg] File manager: 'File | Show file' open select file folder.
[Upg] Check Data Tool now also checks for accounts category and type.
[Upg] Statistics: Excel export now keep all formatings.
[Upg] Overview panel | Breakdown: Transaction count displayed.
[Upg] P&L and transaction count displayed on transaction panel for selected month.
[Upg] Every 4 weeks period added to scheduler.
[Upg] Every 4 months period added to scheduler.
[Opt] Operations are now about ten times faster thanks to new SQL engine.
[Chg] Null scheduled transactions are now possible.
[Chg] Grouped transactions now always display account names.
[Chg] Statistics can now be exported as plain text or as an Excel sheet.
[Chg] Scheduled transaction list display next due date.
[Fix] Account statement with undefined period now has the right starting balance.
[Fix] Origin to Target rate conversion is now always displayed.
[Fix] Auto-complete based on Payee/Issuing: Comment history properly loaded.
[Fix] Auto-complete based on Payee/Issuing: Tracking numbers properly incremented.
[Fix] Scheduled Transactions: Payee added to created transactions.
[Fix] Scheduled Transactions: Currencies is now properly handled and honored.
[Fix] Scheduled Transactions: Can be sorted by date.
[Fix] Overview panel: Account count properly updated on screen after deleting accounts.
[Fix] Grouped transactions: Payee is again displayed.
[Fix] Preset issue when importing from a file with more fields that the one defined.
[Fix] It is again possible to remove payee and project assignment from transactions.


New Member
Problem with the file to install the version

I tried yesterday to install the latest version on my Mac Mini. I got a message error - error -36 telling me that the installation can not go through.
Did anyone else experience the same thing ?


Staff member
This is a Finder error, a copy error to be exact. Try to copy the iCash foler elements one by one until you get the error again. It should come from one of the files.


New Member
Thanks a lot for your reply.
I tried yesterday again to install it and it worked this time.
Great product !!!