How to copy each e-mail in the "Sent messages" folder ?


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Good morning!
Is it possible to have a copy of each sent e-mail in the "Sent messages" folder?
I'm using a normal IMAP/SMTP e-mail account.
Thanks for your help!


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Add yourself to the list so the messages are also sent to your email account. Then you can move it to your 'Sent' mailbox. I believe you can even create a rule to do that automatically in mail reader software.


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Do you mean to add my own address as a BCC (blind carbon copy) ? Where is that field ?
If I add my own e-mail address as an umpteenth recipient, I will only receive one message with the mailing data of that specific email. What I would like is for my "Sent Items" folder to contain all 50 emails I need to send... every message with its own specific data.