how efficient & reliable are mac users finding maxbulk?


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Are you finding formating and managing easy and reliable with this program?

I'm about to buy the pro and wanted some comments of experience.
I've not found a program yet that can do everything I need to manage multiple bulk-e-mail groups.

Thanks for your comments, tips, suggestions, and cautions,



Hi Barbera

I am currently using Emerge, it has a better look and feel to it than MBM, but they are still stuck in OS9 mode.

I took MBM for a test ride and the biggest drawback I found was that you cannot copy and paste records from one file to another. This is a real pain when you have a number of files/lists that you are managaing.

Eric W.


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The problem you comment here has never been object for a request, reason why it has not been added so far. Most people have databases or external programs to maintain their contact lists. Duplicating entries in a list in MaxBulk is not usual and I don't think it is a big deal you can't do it in current version. Anyway, as I told you privately we use to add feature as they are requested and you request will be taken into account.

About better look and feel, I can't agree with that and I wonder why you are interested in MaxBulk Mailer then. I believe the best of MaxBulk is actually its interface, result of 7 years of development. Anyway you are free to think the way you want of course.


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MBM is a solid program

lesplan said:
I am currently using Emerge, it has a better look and feel to it than MBM, but they are still stuck in OS9 mode.

I would have to disagree. The interface on MaxBulk looks great. It's not 100% intuitive, but takes almost no time to figure it out. Considering how much it does, that pretty intuitive.

The delivery reports are very detailed, can be viewed in real time, have a nice summary, and can be emailed to anyone you like after the mailing is done.

The ability to save files that include the message, recipients, and server settings, then send that as a file someone else is a great addition. Also, you can have more than one file open at time, to cut and paste messages, compare server settings, etc.

It includes a spam checker. Run this quick tool to see what else should be changed in your bulk message to reduce the chance that it's viewed as "spam" by other servers.

A very important part of this program is the support. Stan is all over these forums, and responds quickly to posts. He put up with my problem and complaints (and frustration), that ended up not having anything to do with MBM, but rather a problem at my ISP viewing rejecting the message b/c it appeared to be spam.

This is not a side project. Stan is constantly working on it and looking toward the next version, while preparing fixes for the current version. He is also very receptive to user suggestions for product enhancements, bug fixes, and improvements.

My only compaint is that it's slow on older hardware. Not the mailing, but the message editor. On a G3 iBook (640MB ram, G3 500Mhz), it's like molasses typing into the message window, even with no other apps running. On a Dual 1.6Ghz G4 speed is not a problem.