How do I use this?


I have a problem:

I buy a shirt for €20 in a shop and pay it with a bank card.
In iCash I book from from my "bank" account to the account "Clothing"
The shirt is not okay, so I return it. I get my money back in cash.
In iCash I book this from "Deposit" to my "Wallet" account.

In fact I want these €20 booked from the "Clothing" account, because I did not use these €20 for clothing any more; I got it back in my wallet. PRoblem is that I cannot use the "Clothing" account as an Income account, because it is of the type Expense. How do I use this properly in iCash?

Sorry for the cryptical description, but I use the Dutch version, so I am not sure what the English terms are in iCash.


Staff member
You can use the expense account as the origin account in a refund. It is ok. Actually a refund is the same as the original transaction but with origin and target accounts inverted.