Great idea - but does not work


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This program is a great idea and I am in strong need for it. Too bad it does not work. It always stops at certain files. Manually pausing and resuming it can help but of course that defeats the purpose. I have actually managed to donwload a whole site but it took 34 times pausing and resuming. This program would be really great -if it worked. Thanks


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Ok, so I will need the exact URL that blocks Web Dumper. By the way Web Dumper 2.3.4 is about to be released today. Perhaps you should give it a try first. Check here for 2.3.4 at about 7PM PDT


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2.3.4 download does not work

I tried to download 2.3.4. It says "download 2.3.4" but when the download is done it is actually still 2.3.3. as the "about webdumper" window reveals. Please fix. thanks