gmail 100% ends in spam


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1. I send different very simple with different email settings to my gmail email, like: Hi, meeting tomorrow 10 pm Cheers

All end at gmail in the spam.

Afterwards I send the same emails with, mail, outlook, and the online email access from my email provider.
No issues.

What means, google know I am sending my emails through Maxbulk and block it.
Do you have a solution?

2. After finally MLM is working I send out yesterday a test mail. 2 emails all 15 seconds (=480/h in total)
I needed 2 hour 35 min for 417 emails. Can you tell me why?

Mailer version: 8.5-US Pro - Registered
Machine OS/speed: Mac OS 10.11.2/2Ghz

Streams: 5 [1 Used] Single Server
Delivery mode: Singly (Tag processing ON)

SMTP server address: [Port: Default] SSL v2/3
Authentication: ESMTP (Login) | []
Groups: 2 [Interval: 00:00:15]

Delivery start date: 2016-01-10 at 6:47:25 PM
End date: 2016-01-10 at 9:22:31 PM
Total duration: 2 hour(s), 35 minute(s), 6 second(s) - Retries: 0/10
Rate: 0.04 recipient(s)/second

to a total of: 417 recipient(s) [417/32,533]
List name: Stunning Mortgage Newsletter
Sent: 411
Failed: 6 undelivered [Connection dropped by server]
Errors: 6

Mail subject: A Bad Credit - Finally Get A Mortgage - Newsletter January 2016
Mail priority: Normal
Reply To:
Return receipt: No
Mail format: Styled Text | iso-8859-1 | quoted-printable
Mail size: 1.10 KB (Doesn't include attachments)
Attachments: 1 (9.6 KB)
Encoding: Base64

MLM: Click-through tracking [Activated]

3. How can I use MLM for 2 different websites on one mac? I could connect both sites to one sql but I would prefer not to, therefore I would appreciate if you would see an another possibility to use maxbulk with two SQL databases?

4. Are there any email list size limitations or recommendations by using mlm. I had before I used some crashes and limited the list.

Thank you for your time!



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If a message sent with MaxBulk Mailer ends in the junk folder and not the others it is because there something different. Check the message, headers and settings. A server has no way to know a message is sent by MaxBulk Mailer except thru an explicit header. Check MaxBulk Mailer custom headers.

About your second question, I don't have enough info. Try to download MaxBulk Mailer again, current version in our server handles Mac OS App Nap and should not slow down that way.

Your third question is difficult to respond. You can use MLM in several sites but connecting the database is something you have to do yourself, if both sites are on the same server it is not a problem.

About limitation, do you mean overall list size there? when uploading?