Getting a Refund


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Hello. I purchased your software 3 days ago. It's not working and no one is responding to me. Please tell me how to get a refund for this software!


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I am still waiting for a reply too.

It is deceiving that the demo can import the lists as csv in the email verifier, but the software can not export the list as a csv file!! I thought the text file was the only option displaying because it was a demo.

Please refund me or provide me with a solution to make this information appear in a useful excel format. I need the text to display vertically in an excel sheet. It currently displays horizontally, after going through numerous steps to import in a barely readable layout.


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As already answered, refunding is explained here.

What problem do you have opening csv files? I have opened several files of that kind here without problems. You can export a csv file by selecting 'Comma' as the field delimiter *or* selecting 'Original Data'.