FTP Disk 1.3 release


Staff member
New FTP Disk v1.3 released today. What's new:

[Upg] 'Move' added to local list contextual menu.
[Upg] 'Delete' and 'Edit' button are now available to local list as well (same for menus).
[Upg] 'Item > New', 'Item > Rename' and 'Item > Duplicate' menus are now available to local.
[Upg] All 'Directory' menus are now available to local.
[Upg] 'Copy' and 'Copy URL' menus now consider all selected entries.
[Upg] Most processes no longer lock local list controls.
[Chg] The new directory/ new folder menu is now Shift-Option-N.
[Chg] The account setting port field is now wider to display up to 5 digits port numbers.
[Fix] Toolbar buttons status restored after downloads.
[Fix] 'Edit' button no longer enabled for folders.
[Fix] Renaming a file just changing case now works, both local and remote.
[Fix] All selected local files are now open when selecting Edit.
[Fix] The account setting port field not displaying saved port in given occasions.

[New] = New Feature
[Opt] = Optimization
[Fix] = Bug Fix
[Chg] = Changes Previous Functionality
[Upg]= Enhancement