found duplicate into all list


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Hello everyone..I frequently use MaxBulk for my sales work and following my strategy I have multiple list divided from different category so I can easily to know what can a personalized message send
During my work I also continue to search and found and add new contact and sometime I discover that into different list I have / put the same contact..that is frustrating for receiver.
I try to made a test using multiple list and selecting that ones into there are the same contact but the software told me there are not duplicate..but instead there are.
There are a simple way to check that ?
( i aslo thiket to create one big list...putting inside one to one the others.. but is a work like a hell because I have more than 30 list)
Thank to anyone can help.
Take care.


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Indeed there is nothing to handle this case. That could be a new feature. Right now you can delete recipients from the current list and all lists. Ideal would be an option to select all lists except the one selected. However, that would be recipient per recipient. Another function would be necessary to remove duplicates from several lists.