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Favorites in confusion!


New Member
Working with iCash since more than a year and I am very satisfied over all!

But: After installing 3.1 my favorites are complete in confusion! If i double-clicke on a specific one a quite different appears in Transactions.
If I try to edit/delete some Favorites the info "No Transactions could be found" appears and deletion from the list is not possible.
To check the file with the tool does not help.

Command-I shows, that the file is created today at 8 pm!?!

MacOS X 10.4.5

Any idea?

Sorry for my poor English,



New Member
stanbusk said:
Let me know if it fixes your problem.
Unfortunately not! No visible change!
I still have some Favorites which I can't delete or edit.
Is there a possibility to delete all the Favorites? Lateron I will put they once again.

Anyway, thanks for answering!



New Member
stanbusk said:
Yes, you can delete them all.
Hmmm - no! There are some Favorites I can't delete!
Unfortunately it's not possible to upload images from my Mac to the forum; so I send you a mail with a screenshot. There you see the highlighted Favorit. The text in the list is different from the teext in the window. If I try to delete this Favorit - nothing happend!

And now???


Staff member
Re-download 3.1.2 now. I made a change yesterday but it was not complete. I re-uploaded iCash a few hours later. Note that problem is not really a problem, just Favorites table that contains deleted records that is not converted correctly so you end with records pointing to wrong places.

Please re-download 3.1.2 now, remove old older version of iCash and load you file with it. All your favorites will be fixed so you will be able to use them again as usual. Really sorry for the inconvenience.


New Member
This anomaly seems to be persistant. I have been un-able to delete two favorites items, likewise even after re-downloading and re-installing 3.1.2. In addition subsequent to this re-install, I'm back to no Diagnose and no Rebuild Index functionality, in both cases I'm once again getting error-61

Hope these bugs can be resolved soon.

N.B. while on the subject I'd like to make a small request: Could we have another name in place of 'Favorites'?. Although I appreciate the ironic side of it, expenditure is not my "favorite pastime". Something like 'Recurring' would be more appropriate, with say a "rolling coin" icon ((( ) sort of like the' iCash' logo but on the horizontal.


Staff member
Could you send your file to support@maxprog.com ? I find your problem really strange as 3.1.2 has fixed all issues very successfully.

Will take care of your 'favorite' suggestion.