Extract Data from email Form


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I have over 1000 email forms which contain a valid email address. The data looks something like this:

Name: John Citizen
Phone: 609.333.4567
email: happyfeet@eatfood.com


The mail is in Entourage. I dragged some of the emails into the extractor, and it did not find any email addresses. I am testing ver. 3.4.1 (US) on OS x (10.5.8).

Will this program extract email addresses from this form data in Entourage. If so, how?


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Have you tried to save those messages to separate files and drag and drop them to the application window?


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Solved it

Imported the messages to Apple's Mail program, and then was able to save multiple mails from that program into a single text file.

Although some of the email addresses have a ' in front of it.


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Or just find and replace

Or just replace ' in Excel find and replace

But I will look at Textwrangler (if it exists for OS X)