Error sending: Need MAIL before RCPT


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Yes. My provider, Earthlink is on the case now. They were telling me the original problem was with my message and the program. They seem to be owning this one. The address I'm using is whitelisted by them, so that's not the problem. I'll keep you posted when they make up my mind.


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Just an update: Earthlink, my email provider is laying the blame on Cavtel/Winstream/Paetec my ISP.
Dear Valued EarthLink Customer,

Thanks for contacting us.

The ticket # 2947584 that was submitted for regarding email related issue has returned from our investigation. We have determined that "Relaying denied. IP name possibly forged" indicates that the forward lookup doesn't match the reverse lookup. We kindly advise you to contact your ISP to resolve the issue.

$ host domain name pointer

$ host
Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

We have now closed the ticket with regards to this issue. If you do require further assistance please contact us through phone at 800.955.0186 or through live chat via:


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Again, just keeping you up to speed:
Cavtel will change my RDNS to
Both Cavtel and Earthlink believe that will resolve the issue.
Lordy, I hope so, I just want to be a business person, not a system engineer!


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I tried again and Earthlink is now opening a trouble ticket again.

Initially, they said it was the hyperlink included with the email. I stripped that out, and still the problem occurred.