Email Verifier only verifies it doesn't verify


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I've noticed that many of the maxprog replies to "why doesn't Email Verifier verify email" contains the text " Is port 25 blocked?"

Most ISP's these days do not support Port 25. The reason is overuse and misuse over years by spammers and malware distributors. My ISP uses Port 587 and has done so for 10 years. Port 25 is not used - but not blocked either. Other ISP's use different ports on purpose. The claim that port 25 may be blocked and the reason you can't verify mail is not true. This was only true 10 years ago. Things have evolved a little since then.

EV has not evolved to take advantage of port alternatives and even if it did, the host it pings, almost always has EV blocked from seeing email addresses on its servers. ISP's originally did this to eliminate "email harvesters" from collecting their hosted email addresses.

So you can do what you like. I've asked for a refund. EV just doesn't do anything except create unnecessary frustration.