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Email Verifier cannot validate valid mail


New Member
I am on a iMac 10.1 with Snow Leopard 10.6.3. I am a user of most of your applications under license.

I noticed EV does not find many email addresses from a list as valid or at all. If I type in email addresses in Email Verifier that I know are valid one at a time, the program times out or cannot find them, or marks them as untested. On PC, it does work at all and says not found. The explanation posted for port 25 blocking/DNS work-a-rounds doesn't solve any problem either. It simply doesn't work. I've tried so many valid email addresses and it can't find any of them at hosts all over the planet.

So here I am asking what to do. I'm at a dead end.



Are you sure that you don't have port 25 blocked?

Can you try this command in the Terminal:

telnet smtp.maxprog.com 25


New Member
Port 25 is not used

Thank you for your reply. I use Rogers as an ISP and they do not use port 25. and haven't for some years. They use Port 587 and 110 as input and I have used them for 10 years now. They do not block anything. All are set correctly.

Now what?


New Member
Why Email Verifier Doesn't Validate Most Email

Most ISP's (if they are smart) block this type of software. This is done so "email harvester"s cannot gather email addresses from their servers and spam the world even more. Here's an example. If I make a list of 10 known to be valid email addresses, and out of this 10, 2 of those are my personal email addresses, the software only validates my 2 personal email addresses since I am connected directly to my email host server and they recognize me as part of their family. The rest of the emails on my list are hosted on other domains and either "time out" or come back as bad or "untested". Of course they are valid but the host server rejected the ping. Here's why....

To validate emails from other servers, you would have to know the DNS address of every server that every email address on your list is hosted on. As it is, EV cannot reach out beyond the confines of the mail server your hosted on. Port 25 (often discussed) or any other port only goes to the email server you are hosted with and not beyond.

EV does not offer global DNS's to connect to all of them and even if they did, these servers would be blocked as a general rule. This is why EV ignores many servers like aol, hotmail and marks them as valid etc. These servers block EV from "pinging" the email address residing inside these domains. Since email addresses cannot be reached inside other servers, the chances of this software being a useful tool is not realistic.

About Port 25 ... Years ago, most of the larger ISP's abandoned port 25 as it was overused. For an example, my ISP uses Port 587. Call your ISP and ask them what in and out ports are used. Then change your email settings for seamless operation.

While I think Bulk Mailer is a decent program and works well, Email Verifier is not valid and requires a refund. If I don't get one, I'll be doing a lot of writing on this subject.


Staff member
This is not right, port 25 is the port used to relay software, that has not changed. It has nothing to do with the fact you can or have to use an alternative port like 587, 2525... If you don't get good results it is because port 25 is blocked on your account and indeed eMail Verifier is useless for you. If port 25 is open, eMail Verifier can catch up to 70% dead emails.


New Member

Port 25 is NOT blocked but is not used by my ISP. I have verified this by resetting all the 587 settings to 25 and receiving email as before. As I said, nothing is blocked.

Not everyone is as dumb as you paint them Stan and NO, it is you who is incorrect. Email Verifier IS useless and that's why a asked for a refund. I suppose you forgot that part too. Maybe you need to open Port 25? Could it be blocked on your end?

I am writing to every one you advertise with and tell them that you need to include a refund policy since you do not warn people that your software is limited in it's ability to operate. By your own admission, your software does not work. I will expect a refund of course.


Staff member
Have you tried to add your DNS server addresses to the eMail Verifier preferences or Google and ?