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eMail List Builder

I think this product is awesome. :D

I have two questions:

1) Is there a manual somewhere? The help menu item under 'Help' doesn't do anything.

2) Presumably, 'Files' under 'Preferences' shows the type of entities that the crawler searches to extract email addresses. Can I add items to the list (or probably a better question is, does it make sense to want to add items to the list)? For instance. the list has text files. What about PDF files? I know I could use eMail Extractor but I need to have the PDF file to do it. Can eMail List Builder crawl through the sublinks of a web site and examine any PDF documents there and extract email addresses?


Staff member
There is no manual. The software is quite easy to use.

About your second question, you can't add files but that feature will be added. Right now eMail List Builder is not able to process PDFs though.
Thanks for the answers. One more clarification: ticking the "external links" option, does it mean that the software will start examining links outside the domain of the web site I have chosen? I guess, that's the reason that when I tick it the application will hang after 15-20 minutes, its search space becomes enormous, correct?
One more question please: is there any way to specify before the search a list of web sites, rather than just one web site in the URL window?


Staff member
Yes, click on the 'Lists' button, add/paste/drop the URL there, give a name to the list (if you want) then ask the software to process the list.