Email Exclusion List Not Working

Hello again.

In my quest to get EBH working correctly in my workflow, I've discovered another snag.

The email addresses I've entered into the email exclusion list (Preferences>Misc.) are not being excluded and are being flagged as bounces.

This is a problem as my own mail server is being reported as bounced emails.

Any suggestions on what I can do to fix this issue?

Many thanks - Anton
Attached are a couple of screen shots showing the addresses in the exclusion list and those same (excluded) addresses being flagged as bounced.

EDIT*** - Well I tried to send you the screen shots, but I get an error saying "Sorry, the board attachment quota has been reached"

I promise I'm not making this up :D
Hi Stanbusk,

I changed it to .jpg.. the file size went up. First time I tried to post I got an error (File size is too big > 256k). I reduced the file size to less than 256kb and tried again.

I got the same error as before when trying to upload a small .png file: "Sorry, the board attachment quota has been reached."

This would tend to indicate that the problem is your end... i.e. the attachment quota has been exceeded and nobody can upload anything before this situation is rectified.

Please can you fix this issue.

Sorry, but I'm starting to have a sense of humor failure.

OK, so here are the screenshots which detail the problem.

Here's the prefs panel with the email addresses excluded:

And here's the list of the reported bounces. You can clearly see reported bounces from email addresses which have been excluded (towards the bottom).

Hope this helps - Anton


Staff member
Is it possible you are adding some spaces or invisible control characters to the addresses in te exception list? Did you paste them?