eMail Bounce Handler (EBH) cannot save settings


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I am using eMail Bounce Handler under Windows 7.
I cannot change the "Connection" settings. No matter what I choose, upon restart it goes to:
- Check Mailbox Every 1 Minutes
- Download 5000 Bounces/Connection

The reason I want to alter that setting is that EBH always craches when processing large number of bounces (usually > 700-800)
I would like to experiment with "Download 20 Bounces/Connection" - I read that it usually solves the crash problem.
I tried starting EBH as Administrator - with no success changing the settings.


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stanbusk said:
Are you saving the changes to some account?
Tried both options:
1. Just saving the file
2. Saving the account first and then saving the file.

Problem occurs in both scenarios.


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You save an account and reselect it and nothing was changed? It looks like you have a problem with the preference file then. You should try to remove it, it is available here:

C:\Users\<your_account_name>\AppData\Roaming\Maxprog\eMail Bounce Handler\


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Thank you! Following your explanations - it works now, the settings are saved.
Unfortunately no matter the settings - the software keeps crashing.


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With the Antivirus (MSIE) off it worked OK for probably twice longer, but at the end it crashed.
How can I "de-activate" the software on the current computer and try it on a Windows 8 machine (now it is installed on Windows 7)?