email bounce always crashing


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i use mac os mountain lion.
emailbounce always crash down, after 500 mails
i try this now more then 10 times, always the same.

i have lots of bounce, but cant clean whit email verifier, becaus port 25 is blocked on my 2 providers i have :(

error log see atachement, maybee its help you

ps: attachement ??
The extension txt is not allowed.
The extension pdf is not allowed.

wath is allowede for send a repport ??


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sh..t its crashing again....
all the mails the bouncer delete already on the server is gone now....

wat about a autosave function in the next version?
maybe for all tools.

if one of the tools is crashing, you dont loost all files.

example i can enter save every 3 minuts, or everey 10 min automatic.


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i have testet this software on my old mac boock vers.10.5.8
absolutly no problems, no crash.

only on my new mac book pro, with mounten lion 10.8.2 i have this problem.
but with this mounten lion i also have a lots of other trouble.
newer is not always beter :)

so i dont no you can fix this on your software, or mac os have tho fix this thing, but i hoppe i can help you with this information.

i hoppe somebody else with a new mac and mounten lion also can gif a feedback here.


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I have lots of Kernel panics myself with Mountain Lion, completely randomly. I believe that OS is still quite buggy.


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I have used email bounce handler since 2005 and love it. However I can no longer use it at all. I have updated to version 3.8.4 for MAC and have been trying for a couple of months now to get it to work with either Mac OSX 10.6.8 or 10.7.5. With 10.7.5 it simply won't open. With 10.6.8 it starts up, seems to work OK but then causes a kernel panic and crashes the Mac - normally at around the halfway point in terms of processing the bounces. Attached are this morning's two latest crash reports from the 10.6.8 Mac. Is there anything you can do to help me? Whatever I try results in a crash whereas for years the software worked perfectly.