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Hi We are looking to purchase this software, but one thing it hinges on is how and if we can import email addresses into it from outlook or from excel?

And if we can can we seperate the emails into groups to allow us to send certain emails to certain groups and obviously not send people that dont want the information.

A urgent response would be appreciated due to deadlines!

thanks in advance.


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To import from Excel, the easiest way is thru the clipboard. Just copy the columns and then use MaxBulk 'Edit | Paste Special' menu. Minimum columns are 'First name', 'Last name', 'Company' and 'Email Address'. Add empty columns if necessary. The other way is to save the Excel sheet as a tab delimited text file and use MaxBulk 'Import from a file' menu.

Regarding Outlook, you can do it that way:

From Address Book:
1.- Select the entries you want to export.
2.- Drag and drop the selection from Outlook to MaxBulk Mailer list.


1.- Create a new Group inside your Address Book using 'New Group' button.
2.- Drag and drop recipients to export to this group.
3.- Close group and save it if you are asked.
4.- Drag and drop your group from Outlook to MaxBulk Mailer list.

From Messages:
1.- Select the message(s) you need to get the addresses from.
2.- Drag and drop the selection from Outlook to your desktop.
3.- Drag and drop created files from desktop to MaxBulk Mailer list.

About your 'group' question, yes, just create several lists.