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Downloading dynamic .asp site...


New Member
I'm downloading a dynamic .asp site where product pages all point to the same product_detail.asp but new database data is called from by variables in the URL.

That is product_detail.asp?idprod=11 or product_detail.asp?idprod=34

It does not seem to be creating separate pages for each of these items...it simply keeps overwriting the product_detail.asp?idprod=XXX with whatever is the last page fetched.

Is there some setting I must change?

Site http://www.repcoinc.com


New Member
URL already in my first post


This is the site I'm trying to download...you'll see under Carbon Brushes and under Electrical Contacts most of the data is dynamicly pulled from databases.


Staff member
Do you know a page containing 'product_detail.asp?idprod=34 ' like links so I can try directly?


New Member
My original example was not exact coding from site...

Just want to point out that in my original post the product_detail.asp?idprod=XX was not actual code in the site...I was merely "paraphrasing" the code for brevity. The post above this does contain the actual code for pages in the site.

What I'm looking for Web Dumper to:

1) Find the electrical contacts page (and the other sections too)

2) Follow each OEM NAME link to the Series List Page

3) Follow each series link to each individual series listing

4) Follow each product link to the respective product detail page

I do NOT expect it to:

1) Follow or understand the javascript menus - but it shouldn't have to...it can follow all the regular links to drill down to each and every product detail page.


New Member
Any progress or update on this issue?

Just wondering if anybody has any input on this problem or if I should look for another application to accomplish my needs?


New Member
Found another program that works

Just in case anyone else encounters an issue similar to mine. Web Dumper does not seem to be able to accomplisht this task.

I found another program Web Whacker that worked flawlessly. Hopefully in the future Web Dumper will add this ability as I'd prefer to use a Mac based program. But until it does...I'm stuck