Credit Card & Balance


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Hi There,

I came across this very nice software while I was searching something else on google. And It took all my attention. I downloaded the demo version to see how it works and how it fits to my needs.

So I just hit on this issue which I need your help.
So I've credit card which the account has been created like, Credit Card 1, Liabilities,Credit Cards.

Now when I do a transaction of transfering some amount of money from credit card to my Bank checking account, I'm not able to see this in Balance.


Trans 1 : Transfer - Credit Card 1 - Bank Checking Account - Amount 100.

So according to my understanding, this should en up something like -100 for Credit Card 1 Account and +100 For Bank Checking Account. But unfortunately the BALANCE |Reconciled | Pending section just over the six tab buttons show still 0.

But when I hit Overview tab I can see that My Bank Checking account has been topped for +100.

So is it normal that BALANCE |Reconciled | Pending section over six tab buttons shows 0 while the Bank Checking Account shows 100 under Overview tab ?

Thanks for any help


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A card belongs to your assets 'Balance' master type, as Banks do. If you transfer money between such accounts, the balance will never change. It is the same as transferring money between Bank accounts, each account balance will change but not the general balance, the money is still there.

In your example you will end with a credit card balance of -100 and a bank balance of 100. 100-100 = 0 indeed, now you own the very same amount you owe.


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I recommend you to try the demo. I have used iCash for 10 years so far without problems.