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CRASH / Runtime Error


Staff member
Have you tried to restart your computer? This kind of problem should disappear after a fresh restart.


New Member
Thanks for your prompt response. I did a full restart, and it happened again. A Billion runtime error popups occur, one after another sequentially for about 10 seconds until the program simply freezes.

Any other suggestions?


Staff member
Try to change the 'Download' folder location. By the way, I guess you are using an anti-virus that checks all traffic on port 80, what anti-virus is it?


New Member
Ok, I changed my download folder from 'D:\zzzzzzzzzz' to 'C:\Users\<<my username>>\Desktop\dump' \. Also, I use AVG. Let me turn off AVG and see if the problem persists with the antivirus off and new download folder. (I originally had the download folder on another internal hard drive that the program wasn't installed on.... it sometimes makes it easier on the program to read from one disk and write to another, I thought)

to make this simple I will just make a single post.


Still crashing... I tested "http://impawards.com" with all default settings, except for my desktop download folder, and it ran for about 45 seconds and crashed, with 40 runtime errors.

I installed a screenshot program so you can see the exact error:


Runtime Error
Press OK to Continue
Press Cancel to Quit

Please report what caused this
along with the information below.


I also tested http://flickr.com/photos/pamelaneko/set ... 212542664/ with AVG off and using the alternade DL folder and it did nothing. By nothing, I mean it downloads a few empty directories, never ends, and has one file that says "[0] waiting..." for eternity.... it doesn't even download anything on the page... and this is of course with an infinite depth level and go deeper un-ticked (ticking it does nothing anyway in this situation.)

I tinker around with software development a lot, so I know how difficult this must be as a developer to deal with remote problems you can't physically put your hands on to recreate and ultimately fix the issue, but I hope am giving enough detail to help out


Staff member
Strange, I can't manage to make it crash here, it just works as usual. It would be useful if I could reproduce the problem here. Actually I can let it go hours without problems. Your crash looks like it has to do with drawing because the interface get screwed up. First time I see that by the way. And it happens on a library I have no access to...bad... I will have a closer look anyway.