Crash and file currupt?


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Hi all,

I was just working on a file when all of a sudden icash quit, when I try to open the file it keeps crashing the app. I duplicated the file and tried to rebuild the index but this just removed all of my transactions!!

It is a very important file, is there anything I can do?


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I have now upgraded icash, and managed to recover database, but mot the the transactions have 0.00 entered...

Any ideas welcome


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Have you checked the privileges on your system? It is possible the file had wrong privileges or was created in a folder with wrong privileges. That can causes crashes or data not being recorded.


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Hi, thanks for your reply, I have managed to get back to an old version through the backup version in my documents folder... (great idea!!)

Now I have 2 versions:
One which is an old file but has all the data apart for a few months which was entered just before the crash, and a recovered file that is missing a lot of prices but has those missing months. Can i transfer those transactions to the other file?