corrupt file... Or ?


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Hi - I just tried to do an account statement dating back to 2006. There seems to be some serious "quirks" to the data base somewhere during the first 9 months of 2006. A print_Out renders some quit interesting results

IF I move the start date fwd to 1 Oct 2006, then every thing is OK.

I Did a "Check Data..." but got no errors.

What to do next ?


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Have you tried to reindex the document? That can be done from the iCash 'File manager' window, with the document closed.


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No difference, however I noted that the "Comment-field" contains "dates" in the form

06-03-29 KBC 424-xxxxxx-75 (Comment....)

If I edit (remove) them, the account-statment progresses further without errors...

So, it involves some work, but not too much - I can now fix this myself.